How to Order

1. Purchase "Custom Deposit" from here. Then, DM me on Instagram (@hoshizora.nails), or email ( to begin your consultation. In the message to me, please include: 

  • How many sets
  • Custom Wish Theme, or Custom Artist's Choice
  • Desired Tier(s)
  • Descriptions per set
  • Nail shapes
  • Nail sizes

2. If you need a sizing kit, please order one here. Or, manually measure and provide sizes for both hands. 

3. Through consultation we will discuss your budget and make sure that we're on the same page. Once that's completed, place your deposit through here. Once deposit has been confirmed your order has been officially accepted.

4. Sketching phase begins.

5. If a sizing kit was needed, measure your nails once it arrives and provide your sizing. Remainder of your set will be invoiced to you minus the deposit amount originally provided.

6. Painting phase begins.

7. Once completed and quality checked, photographed, then the order gets shipped out to you during a batch drop off.

Please note the processing time mentioned in the timeline image. However, updates will be provided to you when available to keep you in the loop of progress. Times will vary depending on volume of orders and levels of complexity.


Be sure to read through my FAQ before proceeding with ordering.