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Nail Order Planner

Nail Order Planner

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I created this template for myself to better plan and track orders - and based off some feedback from nail friends I made adjustments to try to make a product that may be useful to you all!

The main reasoning for me is to have things in one spot for my customer that I can reference. I natively work out of Procreate, so I included a native file for that in case you would like to use that too. Otherwise, the PDFs and PNGs are 8.5x11 for you to choose to use either digitally in other apps or print out (please note: sizing may shrink a bit due to bleed edge of paper), whatever works best for you!

The download package includes:

  • 1x - Procreate file with the layers easily manipulatable for the nail shapes
  • 1x - PNG template example filled out :)
  • 4x - PNGs 
  • 4x - PDFs
  • NEW: 1x - PSD (Converted from Procreate)

Shapes included:

  • Almond
  • Coffin
  • Oval
  • Stiletto

Once you check out you'll get an option to download the files, otherwise you will also receive an email with the files attached there. Note: there may be a delay when receiving the email!

If you have any problems getting the download, please reach out to me directly! Any questions or feedback also welcome as maybe I'll revisit to make a version 2 somewhere later down the line. 

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